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Presenting CAF UT-440 EMU, 
class 2100 from CPTM-Brazil,
with animated doors and more
EMU CAF UT-440 version 2.0 is released!
Guaianazes-Estudantes version 3.0 is updated

A brand new version of EMU CAF UT-440, class 2100 from Brazilian Train Company "CPTM" is available for download, shipped with external view for Open BVE.

Featuring the new interior (pictured), nicely accurated, with the internal seats and new front panel, just to make your train driving or trip on board more enjoyable, pleasant and realistic.

Featuring automated operating doors, glowing lights, ATC, ATS and ATS-P, as well as all the sounds from the real train (made in Spain in the late 70's).

Together with it, Guaianazes to Estudantes route version 3.0 was updated. Featuring new graphics, animated objects and track signalling according to the real line.
Route files are available in 3 versions: Early morning with fog (high-res), sunny (low-res) and late night.
For Open BVE only, as I used .PNG files widely, instead of .BMP textures.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!!.




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Guaianazes-Estudantes, version 3.0,
is available for download


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  • Caldas to Grama
  • Jacarei to Taubate
  • Pinda to Expedicionaria (w.i.p.)

    I wish you had a nice and pleasant cab ride while enjoying my brazilian landscapes. Have fun!

  • Guaianazes to Estudantes, version 3.0
    Be welcome to this site, where you can download my brazilian routes for your BVE Train Sim.

    BVE (Boso View Express) is a freeware train simulator created by Mackoy of Japan, that offers you a nice and pleasant cab ride.

    Featuring excellent 3-D graphics, astonishing railway sounds, motion and physics, with BVE Train Simulator you can be able to see your train bobbing, swaying and weaving while they're running in metric gauges!
    Really like it? You will be certainly very interested on how BVE works. There are hundreds and hundreds of routes and trains available to be downloaded from different countries, made by the BVE fans around the world.
    Go to my Links where you can get some of the best routes and trains available for BVE Train Simulator.

    Go aboard! Wish you had a nice simulation.

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