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openBVE works under Windows 8. Please read this post on how to get openBVE to run under Windows 8

The openBVE Community Homepage
Welcome to the community homepage, powered by the community, for the community! We strive to perform our best at maintaining openBVE alive, and to create a central support hub for its users, as a response to the official OpenBVE discussion board shutting down. Originally started by "Michelle", "Odakyufan" has succeeded "Michelle" since late June. Unlike BVE2 or BVE4, openBVE adds on new features such as animations, support for .flac sound files, support for .png and .jpg files, and allows exterior views for openBVE content. In addition, it is highly customizable, as it's flexibility allows a variety of plugins to be developed to add more features and more realism. So if you're looking for a central community, or a place to host your openBVE add-ons, you're in the right place! We are unofficially hosting openBVE to complement odakyufan's official openBVE page, should his website shut down, or experience technical difficulties. This way, we can guarantee openBVE would always be available, as much as possible!

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